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Welcome to Scott Rod's Garage!

Scott has been in the automotive resoration business and building streetrods for over 25 years.

On June 3rd of 2008 his life changed forever. Around lunchtime he was runing an errand on his motorcycle and was hit by a car that ran through a red light. His injuries were life threatening and he was airlifted to the trauma hospital where he underwent the amputation of his left leg and two major hip reconstruction surgeries. 

Picture of Scott at lighthouseThe mission of this website is to encourage other amputees not to give up hope of doing the things you love. Although this life changing event has slowed Scott down in many aspects he has become creative in finding ways to continue on.

The biggest message he'd like to pass on is that life is what you make of it and you can't make the most of it by just sitting around  feeling sorry for yourself.    

Our passion for vintage vehicles and Scott's desire to inspire other amputees has lead us to create this website and like many car projects and those recovering from injuries, this too is a work in progress.

Please check back with us often as we add more content designed to motivate and please all classic auto lovers from the daydreamers and show goers to even the most serious of builders.

Whether your passion is owning that muscle car from the sixties or building a custom resto-rod from your imagination we hope that you will find some inspiration here.

Because it really is - all about the journey.   

Many Thanks for Stopping by!                

ScottRod & Debra West

                                               Scott's most recent build - 1962 Impala

1962 Impala

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